Gain Capital's management team aims to understand the needs of institutional and professional investors in order to create long-lasting business relationships and to develop customised investment products related to the specific needs of our clients.


Gain Capital concentrates on private market investments as we are convinced of the positive impact of


  • active ownership of profitable real assets

  • the resilience of dynamic and innovative private companies

  • and the positive impact of professional alignment of interest


We apply our longstanding entrepreneurial and investment experience in the private equity and real estate industry and a disciplined investment process as core instruments to meet the requirements of European investment standards.

As for private equity, Gain Capital invests in highly promising private equity funds and co-investment opportunities managed by outstanding European private equity management teams. Gain Capital thereby focuses on funds targeting at profitable and well positioned companies and proven team capabilities to deliver value enhancement based on product and process innovation, creating presence in new market segments/geographies and growth based on organic measures and carefully integrated acquisitions.

As for direct investments in real estate, Gain Capital focuses on established special real estate in prime locations which provide immediate running yield and value protection. Know how intensive niche segments, like car parks, where we have a clear competitive advantage, are preferred.